2 h 30 min
Type of dish: Meats
Temperature: Hot
Cuisine type: 5th range cuisine
Seasonal period: All year
Traces of soy
Traces of soy
Ingredients for 5 portions
Ingredients for portions/units
Minced meat 0.75 kg
Garlic, bulb 4.0 ud
Parsley 25.0 g
Sterilised milk 0.125 l
Sliced bread 2.0 ud
Eggs 3.0 ud
Onion 0.25 kg
Carrots 0.1 kg
Tomato 0.15 kg
Green pepper 0.1 kg
Plain flour 0.2 kg
White stock 0.75 l
Potatoes 0.5 kg
Patissiere flour 1.111 kg
Water 0.667 l
Sourdough 0.222 kg
Sugar 0.044 kg
Flour enhancer 11.111 g
Yeast 44.444 g
Table salt 22.222 g
Skimmed powdered milk 27.778 g
Water 0.75 l
Bones 0.225 kg
Onion 0.075 kg
Carrots 0.038 kg
Green leek 0.375 ud
  • Season the mincemeat and add the raw eggs, the bread (soaked in cold milk), the garlic (cut into brunoise and softened) and the parsley, also cut into brunoise. Knead all the ingredients together and mix well to distribute evenly the seasoning.
  • Form ball shapes of approximately 40 g, roll them in flour and gently fry the balls.
  • Make a smooth espagnole sauce, with 20 grams of flour per litre.
  • Put the meat balls (4 for each serving) in a gastronorm plate or in a casserole dish and place cooked carrot cut into dices, the peas (cooked with plenty of water), the softened sweet pepper diced and the mushrooms cut into slices and slightly sautéed.
  • Spread the espagnole sauce (as a cream sauce) over all the ingredients and bring to the boil, checking whether the flavour and the textures obtained are the desired ones.
  • Lower the temperature to less than 8 ºC
  • Place all the ingredients on some trays filling them about 60 % of their capacity, heat-seal the trays and put the valve on.
  • Pasteurize the mixture in the steam oven at 90 ºC for 90 minutes (the temperature of the inside of the product must reach, at least, 75 ºC).
  • Lower the temperature to 3 ºC.


  • The temperature of the inside of the product must reach 75 ºC
  • If the tray is small (one serving), heat in the microwave for 5 minutes, on maximum power.
  • For big trays, heat in a steam oven at 90 ºC for 1 hour. Make sure that the temperature of the inside of the product reaches 75 ºC.
  • Another way to reheat the food is to take the meat balls out of the tray and give them a boil in a casserole dish until they reach a temperature of 75 ºC.
  • Finish by placing on top of some fried, diced potatoes.
Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 22.23 g
Saturates 17.21 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 20.86 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 16.28 g
Cholesterol 230.9 mg
Calcium 411.34 mg
Iron 12.82 mg
Zinc 9.31 mg
Vitamin A 638.26 ug
Vitamin C 102.63 g
Folic acid 419.89 ug
Salt (Sodium) 1973.24 mg
Sugars 29.84 g
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