Tomato and blue cheese foam shot

60 min
Suitable for vegetarians
Type of dish: Appetizers and canapes
Temperature: Cold
Seasonal period: All year

For this recipe, the following elaborations are needed:

  • Concassé tomato:  season with thyme and intense olive oil.
  • Tomato jelly:
    • You can also use the remaining water from the concassé tomato.
    • To make the gelatin softer, replace the agar agar with gelatin (20 g per 1 liter).
    • Let the gelatin cool in the container where it will be served.
  • Blue cheese foam: fill the siphon with the cheese sauce, apply 1 load of gas, stir and check the texture.


  • On top of the tomato jelly add a spoonful of concassé tomato and a button of blue cheese foam.
  • Decorate with black olive crumbs and a fresh sprout. Decorations may vary.
Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 3.48 g
Saturates 3.87 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 3.17 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.49 g
Cholesterol 11.45 mg
Calcium 166.55 mg
Iron 2.71 mg
Zinc 0.07 mg
Vitamin A 34.78 ug
Vitamin C 23.45 g
Folic acid 143.07 ug
Salt (Sodium) 412.92 mg
Sugars 14.87 g
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