60 min
Suitable for vegetarians
Type of dish: Pasta
Seasonal period: All year
Ingredients for 5 portions
Ingredients for portions/units
Strong flour 0.333 kg
Eggs 3.0 ud
Table salt 1.667 g
  • Make a volcano shape with the strong flour and salt and, in the centre, add the eggs.
  • Mix until a homogeneous dough is obtained.
  • Cover with plastic wrap or a wet cloth and leave it to rest on the fridge for half an hour.
  • Stretch it out and cut it into the desired shape.


  • This fresh pasta is the basis for making other pastas with different flavours and colours.
  • Keep in mind that to add those flavours and colours, you must add a wet element (liquids or purees), therefore the proportional part of that wet element will be subtracted from the amount of eggs.
Nutritional information (1 portion)
Fiber 2.27 g
Saturates 1.22 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 1.51 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.96 g
Cholesterol 137.81 mg
Calcium 30.56 mg
Iron 1.42 mg
Zinc 1.0 mg
Vitamin A 68.22 ug
Vitamin C 0.0 g
Folic acid 32.62 ug
Salt (Sodium) 182.3 mg
Sugars 0.0 g
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