20 min
Additional culinary preparation: Technique
Seasonal period: All year

According to the type of fish we will prepare using the following process:

  • Finning: remove the fin of the fish using a pair of scissors.
  • Descaling: remove the scales of any fish by scraping them in the opposite direction.
  • Eviscerating: gut the fish.
  • Cleaning: remove all the scales that remain on the fish using water.
  • Drying: dry with a paper towel.

The most habitual cuts:

  • Cutlet: it is the vertical cut which goes through the flesh, skin and spine, used for plain or hemispherical fishes. Weight between 200 to 250 g.
  • Darns: same as the cutlet but used for cylindrical fishes. Weight between 200 to 250 g.
  • Suprême: serve cut without spine and with or without skin. Can be found in all the fillet of the fish, primarily in the tail.
  • Steak: thick, round form cut, without the spine nor the skin, with a weight of 50 to 75 g. Depending on the weight, 2 or 3 units serving.
  • Fillet: vertical cut without the spine on the upper part of the fillet. Used for cylindrical or hemispherical fishes. Weight between 175 to 200 g.
  • Butterfly fillet: it can be prepared with or without the head and with or without the spine. It can be one or more servings.